The ZOYAMED ( Zist Vida Azma ) Group has exercised its activity since 2017, and today it is one of the leading import and distribution companies of products for the healthcare sector in Iran. The company possesses a team of over 30 professionals and a network of nine regional offices that guarantee the quality, security and effectiveness of our products and services. The ZOYAMED Group markets its products through its various divisions: Neurosurgery, Endosurgery, Pain and ENT. 


To improve patient quality of life, offering health professionals suitable therapeutic alternatives and service excellence by way of a fully committed team of professionals. We focus on marketing state-of-the-art products and technological solutions, collaborating with doctors to provide the best diagnosis and treatment for their patients. One of our priorities is to adapt to local environments and needs.

Our vision mobilises us, unifies us and distinguishes us.


ZOYAMED is a health sector enterprise that deals in the marketing of a wide product portfolio, services and training programmes the aim of which is to provide service excellence to health professionals with a view to improving patient quality of life. We spare no effort in building long-term alliances with our suppliers.



ZOYAMED’s three commitments

ZOYAMED is committed to establishing standards of quality and service in its areas of influence and business. ZOYAMED aspires to become the benchmark reference.

ZOYAMED is committed to upholding and increasing its reputation among the Iranian medical community as a professional, sound and dynamic enterprise.

ZOYAMED is committed to sustaining its excellence by means of ethics and loyalty to its clients, employees and collaborators.