Endo-linear cutting stapler

Applicable to tissue excise and suture of the digestive tract and respiratory surgery in open or endoscopic operation.

Product Feature

  1. Our new patented staple formation technology (NDST) made the suture and operation safer and more reliable.
  2. A curved-shape cartridge with different heights of staples in triple lines-low, middle and high from inside to outside lines. Reduce risk of bleeding. Assure tissue blood supply and patient recover time shorter .
  3. Rotating cartridge, more flexible in narrow surgery space .
  4. Brand new knife blade for each single use loading unit to provide the sharpness and ensure complete tissue cutting, reduce tissue damage.
  5. All cartridges made with six rows of staple lines. Maximize the safety of anastomosis and closure.
  6. Equal distance control skills to keep same staple formation from beginning to the end.

Other Features

  1. Equal distance control skills to keep same staple formation from beginning to the end;
  2. Safely locker used to avoid the mis-firing after cartridge used;
  3. Knife blade position maker indicate the position of the blade. Made the operation safety;
  4. Low profile anvil design to allow easy entrance of the instrument and minimize the tissue damage;
  5. Wider opening for the instrument jaw to allow easy tissue incorporation;
  6. Variable sizes and models of cartridges available to surgery operations;
  7. One stapler can be loaded with different sizes and models of cartridges;
  8. Symmetrical ergonomic design to allow either hand to operate the device;
  9. 360 rotation of the shaft for better control in endoscopic surgery.
  10. Can be loaded up to 25 times in one surgery. Reduce the cost.