EMD Single-use Perforator

A new cranial perforator for burr hole trepanation from EMD medical. Everything about the EMD perforator was developed to make surgical procedure more comfortable and efficient. A unique manufacturing standard that gives a competitive advantage over other models on the market.


EMD single use perforators are available in three used sizes, 11-14 mm , 7-11 mm and 6-9 mm, suitable for skulls as thin as 1 mm to 3 mm.

Unique Benefits

The unique benefits of the EMD perforators include the cutting force of the EMD perforator works less through the tip than through the edges with minimal vibration; the cranial bone is effortlessly opened and the bone chip is removed cleanly. When the pressure on the perforator disappears, the auto-stop mechanism is activated. This function minimizes the risk of accidental cutting of the dura.